Friday, July 23, 2010

End Of The Century Party - Discography

Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain
Crash Course In Fatherhood
Ask My Exorcist or School Psychiatrist
Become A Part, Come Apart
The Only Reason You're A Vampire Is Because Werewolves and Frankenstein Don't Get Laid
Swear the Barrel
Devolution Defined
With Breakfast In The Morning
People Ain't No Damn Good And Shit
Everything Stops
Always On The Outskirts, Enthusiastically Missing The Point
Circles Gather
With No Regard
They Built this City Out Of Radish Dust
Knocked Into Place
Clean Shot
I'm Your Pusher
So Long
Hope Me Blind
Childhood Hopes (Of Self Defense)
Older Than Dead
Convenience Store Regular
Let Me Go
Only Attempt
Preserving Shit
Centralized Knowledge
So Long (Demo)
Only Attempt (Demo)
Centralized Knowledge (Demo)


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